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Architectural Project is the basis of the building production process. The more solid this foundation is laid, the better the continuation of the process and the resulting final product. A well-designed architectural project creates a good base for engineering projects. In the construction process, it provides the fastest production with the least error with its cost advantage. Therefore, it is very important to give the necessary importance to the project planning stage in construction activities. Our company, using cad and bim software, carries out the project production stage in a professional approach , from sketch drawing to as-built projects, from 3D analysis to visualization and presentation. It also coordinates the project production process from a holistic perspective, in cooperation with other engineering disciplines.



The construction process is a multi-component organization. It requires good planning and disciplined management. It is a holistic process that needs to be managed very well, from the preparation of the projects to obtaining the necessary licenses from the public, the installation of the plant, the preparation of the work program, the planning of the time, the cost calculations, the organization of workers and subcontractors, and employer and customer relations. Starting from the project planning phase, our company has the knowledge, professional approach and experienced staff to carry out all these processes in the most efficient and disciplined way. In this direction, we serve in the fields of new construction, urban transformation, renovation and decoration on the turnkey basis.


Interior Architecture and Decoration are projects specific to the person and the institution. To sew clothes according to the size. It is the effort to create the best place that will be suitable for the demand of the employer and the user and the intended use. For this, it is necessary to establish a special communication with the employer, to analyze the style, likes and demands, to synthesize with professional experience and ability, and to produce optimum solutions.

Mimesis Architecture, by following the trends in the world closely, produces classic or modern, natural or technological projects for you according to your demand and realizes these projects with its experienced application team.


Historical buildings are precious treasures that have been inherited from the past to the present. It is a social duty to protect, sustain and transfer these treasures to future generations. A social awareness must be created for the performance of this task.

On the other hand, the technical survival of these works requires a different expertise. First of all, the preparation of the Survey project of the current state of the buildings, then the drawing of the Restitution project, which shows the original state of the building based on the historical documents, and then to produce the Restoration project that defines the usage function of the building, taking into account the needs of today, while remaining true to its original use.


Industrial Design covers a wide range of areas, from automobile design to furniture design, from lighting fixtures to dining sets, from electronic goods to the design of any objects you can think of. Architectural design, on the other hand, is a branch of the design concept that specializes in buildings. We have witnessed that many architectural firms around the world, who look at the design with a holistic approach, are doing very well in industrial designs.

Our company has put forward different projects in the field of industrial design in line with the incoming requests and will continue to respond to these requests from now on.

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