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A comprehensive renovation and decoration of the villa, which is located in Beykoz, Anadolu Hisarı, Otagtepe, overlooking the Bosphorus, has been carried out. In this context;

- The carrier system of the building has been strengthened.

- Plumbing infrastructure has been renewed.

- The electrical installation has been completely renewed.

- Heating, cooling and ventilation systems were renewed.

- Camera infrastructure has been renewed.

- Video intercom system was placed.

- Garden lighting was made.

- All bathrooms have been renewed.

- For the natural lighting of the ground floor hall, 2 new windows were opened and the decoration of the hall was made.

- The first floor hall and entrance has been renewed. The walls separating the entrance and the hall were removed and the hall was expanded. The fuse board in the vestibule was taken out. The floor was covered with ceramics. The door that fell on the terrace was made into an accordion. Windows have been changed.

- The staircase has been renewed. Wooden steps and balustrades were covered on the steel frame. The width of the stairs, which is currently 80cm, was increased to 110cm.

- Terrace ceramic coating was applied.

- The second floor hall was expanded and decorated.

- The kitchen has been renewed. Ceramic coatings, kitchen cabinets, white goods were selected and assembled in accordance with the design integrity.


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